About Best Truck Service

Best Truck Service was started back in 1982 by Frank Behnke and two other partners. Since then it has grown from a small, independent repair facility into a Volvo & Mack OEM heavy truck dealership. Today, Best Truck Service is a solely owned and operated family affair. The company is run by Frank & his wife Cindy, and three sons, Nathan, Matthew, & Luke, along with our exceptional and skilled managers and staff.

During the 33 years that Best Truck Service has been operating, there has been many changes along the way. Originally located in the Peace River West hill industrial park, we had to make a change, in 1989 the business had to move to find a larger facility to where it is located now on Weberville Road. This was a great relief as now a full parts department was added to the business as well as more equipment. A few years later, Best Truck Service partnered up and became an authorized Detroit Diesel dealer, specializing in the 2-cycle Detroit Diesel screaming Jimmy’s. Frank and Best Truck Service became known across Alberta as the place to go for Detroit 2-cycle service. Frank even has a story about having to manually operate an engine on a rig to help his customer complete their job, and that is where our company mission statement comes from: “Our goal is simple… to help you achieve yours!”, which still holds true today. The next time you see Frank, ask him, he’ll be happy to tell it!

Shortly after signing with Detroit Diesel, in 1994 Best Truck Service hosted the first ever truck and trailer show in Peace River, showcasing all makes and models of trucks and trailers. After that, Volvo Trucks approached Best Truck Service to become a dealer, and later that year, Best Truck Service became Peace River’s only OEM heavy truck dealer.

Since then, Best Truck Service has grown in many ways, adding more product lines and services to help our customers. Another major change happened in 2004 when an addition was put on the building incorporating a new parts warehouse, and two 100’ long drive through bays with pits running the entire length.

The next big change is happening now! We have just completed construction on the property adjacent to Best Truck Service which is now called: “Best Truck Stop & Wash”. This is a first of its kind truck stop facility that will have two full time, dedicated wash bays. The West bay is a completely touchless, automated wash process and the other is a manual wand wash bay. The the automatic bay will use over 2000 gallons per minute! Another amazing feature is all the water is treated and recycled in the water treatment plant in the facility. For more information click on the “Truck Stop & Wash” link above to find out more.

From everyone at Best Truck Service, we wish to thank all of our customers through the years. It has been a great privilege to serve everyone and to learn and grow with our customers, we owe our success to our you.

We look forward to working with you, our friends and customers in the future and helping you meet goals, and if you in the area and just want to stop by, the coffee is always on!